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Catholic CEO

How Church teachings can help us build better organizations






20. Communications technology:   The revolution in communications technology brought by the Internet has had significant effects, both positive and negative, upon business management. On the positive side, Internet-based collaboration is developing new products and solutions to age-old problems. Such products and solutions have reduced the costs for people to connect globally. New business models combine collaboration and competition in unique ways to meet needs that previously were inadequately served or left completely unsatisfied. Consumer/stakeholder groups are empowered to apply pressure on global businesses and highlight poor practices in issues ranging from respect for human rights to environmental protection in poorer parts of the world. This activism reduces the cost penalty borne by those companies that have always aimed to behave responsibly in these parts of the world. 


COMMENTARY:  This point examines the positive impact of communications technology in a business, which are substantial and undeniable.  This reminds us that the Church is a partner in technological development, urging us forward to use our talents to improve the world.  She properly points to any moral dangers we must confront and avoid, but absent these, it's full speed ahead.  God didn't create a perfect Garden of Eden.  He wanted us to till with him, to co-redeem with him, to make the Garden and its inhabitants better.