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Catholic CEO

How Church teachings can help us build better organizations





Putting God at the center of all we do (#12)

12. The many pressures business leaders face may lead them to forget the Gospel call in their daily professional activities. It may seduce them into believing, falsely, that their professional lives are incompatible with their spiritual lives. It places excessive confidence in material resources and/or worldly success. When this happens, business leaders risk valuing status and fame over lasting accomplishment, and consequently risk losing their good judgment. Business leaders may be tempted, whether from self-centeredness, pride, greed or anxiety, to reduce the purpose of business solely to maximizing profit, to growing market share, or to any other solely economic good. In this way, the good that a market economy may do, for individuals and for society, can be diminished or distorted.



We don’t have a professional life, separate from our family life, separate from our spiritual life.  We only have one life.  We have to live a “unity of life” where we lift all our activities up to God, doing them as well as we can, for him. 

Each hour of our professional work can be offered to God, and thus transformed into prayer.  Seeing God as the center of all that we do will protect us from the risks of seeking only “worldly success.”  Seeking status and fame pushes God out of the work that we do, since when we build ourselves up we’re replacing the real God with the false god of money, power, and worldly success.

How silly!  Seeking only his glory in all that we do will make our professional work much more successful than if we relied solely on our own capabilities.