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Catholic CEO

How Church teachings can help us build better organizations





Being a steward in the work of the Creator (#8)

8. Building a productive organization is a primary way in which businesspeople can share in the unfolding of the work of creation. When they realize that they are participating in the work of the Creator through their stewardship of productive organizations, they may begin to realize the grandeur and awesome responsibility of their vocation.

Commentary:  Think of how Christ behaved when he came into the temple and viewed the local businesspeople changing money and selling animals for sacrifice.  He upended their tables and drove them from the Temple.  They were not sharing in the work of creation; they were defiling the house of the Father. 

We need to challenge ourselves to be sure that our organizations are sharing in the creative work of God.  How do we do that?  By being sure we are serving all those who work with us, not just our shareholders.  As John Paul II said, “Work was made for man, not man for work.”  Work enhances the dignity of each of us, and that should be the goal of our stewardship.