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Catholic CEO

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The Incredible Importance of Business (#6)

6. The vocation of the businessperson is a genuine human and Christian calling. Its importance in the life of the Church and in the world economy can hardly be overstated. Business leaders are called to conceive of and develop goods and services for customers and communities through a form of market economy. For such economies to achieve their goal, that is, the promotion of the common good, they should be structured on ideas based on truth, fidelity to commitments, freedom, and creativity.

Commentary:  Where in the media have you seen or read that the Church thinks that the importance of business “can hardly be overstated?”  The Church correctly identifies the role of business in providing goods and services needed by people, through a market economy that must be based on the common good.  Human dignity is promoted by the work that we do, and so providing a means to help our employees grow in dignity is another important function of business.  And that’s what makes the present high unemployment rate in most countries such a problem.  Being on the sidelines waiting for work is not dignified.  And businesses that promote profits by refusing to hire are betraying the proper order of a market economy established for the good of all.