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Catholic CEO

How Church teachings can help us build better organizations





Business is a material and spiritual good (#2)

2. When businesses and markets as a whole are functioning properly, and are regulated in an effective manner by governments, they make an irreplaceable contribution to the material and even the spiritual well-being of humankind. When business activity is carried out justly and effectively, customers receive goods and services at fair prices; employees engage in good work and earn a livelihood for themselves and their families; and investors earn a reasonable return on their investment. Communities see their common resources put to good use and the overall common good is increased.

COMMENTARY:  So often the media wants to make blanket statements like "Pope Francis hates business."  He doesn't.  Here we see that a properly run enterprise can contribute to the "material and even the spiritual well-being of humankind."  We choose the parameters that make our business a social good or a social evil.  It's up to us to take a look at all the operations of our organization, and evaluate them according to the social teachings of the Church.  Doing so will improve our companies, increase financial returns, and enhance the dignity of our employees and other stakeholders.  Shareholders too!